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Jan 30, 2019

As multiple independent acts emerged in the Philippine music scene for the past two years, Ang Bandang Shirley was one of the bands really stood out. With the whimsical melodies and reassuring song lyrics, it comes to no question that Ang Bandang Shirley would steal the hearts of their listeners.

Haven’t heard of them? Give them a listen, and maybe start with these 5 songs:

             1. Umaapaw

Out of all their songs, Umaapaw stands out particularly because of its promise of unconditional, true and irrevocable love. This is the kind of song that you would want to hear someone sing you. This is declaration of true and love that is so pure and so sure. I have always felt reassured listening to this, almost as if the song erases all the pain and the insecurities I have garnered from the past.


Siberia is one of those songs that we all just need to hear. Imagine hearing “Pinili ang sarili, sumaya” sung softly, with a promise of hope and of happiness. According to the band, this particular song is about long distance relationships. They said that this was an attempt to write a happy lovesong despite being in the middle of a breakup.

             3. Makahiya

Nobody wants to admit that they have an insecurity, especially if they already are in a relationship with the person they love. But hearing this really validated and reassured by feelings. I felt normal envying these memories that I will never know- that I will only hear from stories. The worry that I was loving someone the wrong way, and the want and need to love them right. This song spoke volumes, although quite unappreciated.

             4. Iyong

Iyong is a song that took a while to grow on me, but of course it had made its way to the deepest pits of my heart. This song screams, to me, uncertainty and hesitancy but at the same time determination and, of course, genuine love. Does that make sense? Give it a listen and see for yourself!

             5.Nakauwi Na

Featured in JP Habac’s I’m Drunk I Love You, this song is what some would consider their staple. The melody and it lyrics when played together gently tugs at your heart string. It speaks of a love that is willing to wait to be with the person they love, even for just a while.


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