Nov 5, 2018

Many people think meditation is a waste of time, but it’s actually a practice. It’s hard to clear your head but with the right meditation apps, you’ll find that it can be much easier than you think. 

One meditation app teaches you how to do body scans -- which easily helps you get your mind off your worries. Helps you focus and stay in tune to what’s happening at that very moment. It won’t take more than 10 minutes of your day with these meditation apps.


1. Stop, Breathe, Think

















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The daily survey feature of the Stop Think Breathe app helps you get to guided meditations that fits how you feel right then and there. Whenever you open up the app, you’ll be guided towards suggested activities, recommended direction for your daily practice. The free version of the app also includes non-conventional options like going on a walk, or yoga and accupressure to relieve stress.

Download the Stop, Breathe, Think app for Apple Devices and for Android.


2. Calm

Calm runs specific weekly programs, with their signature Seven Days of Calm a great starting point for beginners. One of the most fun features on the app is guided Sleep Stories, perfect for those trying to get a better night’s sleep. Calm offers one of the better free versions out there, with some of the bells and whistles of advanced programs.

Download the Calm app for Apple Devices and for Android.


3. The Mindfulness App

The Mindfulness App offers a calming and cultivated experience, fine-tuned by instructors specializing in alleviating stress through meditation. With a 30 day free trial, allow yourself to try out multi-day programs that are designed to start you on the road to mental wellness. Though the free features are limited, the full version is the creme de la creme of mindfulness apps out there.

Download The Mindfulness App for Apple Devices and for Android.


4. Simple Habit 















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There is elegance in simplicity, something Simple Habit has in spades. Getting the app running is as simple as plugging in how much time you have, what you’re doing right now, and how you’re feeling. From there, the app runs a guided meditation session for you without the need to delve too much into it. Added features allow you to find specific meditation topics or teachers that round out the no-frills interface.  

Download the Simple Habit for Apple Devices and for Android.


5. Headspace

















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Headspace gives you the broadest range of meditation options on the App Store. It’s one of the best paid options out there, with well produced content at beginner and advanced levels. The friendly interface give you a chance to try out anything from short mini sessions, to guided 20 minute programs. If you’re looking for an immersive, but not an intimidating meditation app, Headspace will do the job for you. 

Download the Headspace for Apple Devices and for Android.


BONUS: Relax Sleep Melodies 

















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The free version of Relax Sleep Melodies is a wonderful tool to get you to sleep better or calm down during meditation. Mixing and matching sounds has never been easier, including isochronic and binaural sounds (requires headphones) for inducing deeper sleep. This app can be incredibly useful for unguided meditation sessions, when you get to them.  

Download the Relax Sleep Melodies for Apple Devices and for Android.


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