Location:South Carolina, USA

Dog Rescues South Carolina Man Who Fell Into A River

Mar 27, 2018

A golden retriever was at the right place at the right time last week when he rescued a man from the cold and choppy Okatie River in South Carolina.

Woody was on the banks of the river when he saw Mason Ringer's boat capsize. Ringer was with two coworkers, taking a lunch break while refurbishing a dock, when the boat tipped over.

One man was able to swim and make it to safety, and another was pulled from the water by three people on a passing boat, leaving Woody to take care of Ringer.

The 7-year-old retriever jumped into the water and pulled him to a nearby dock.

It was a "miracle" that Woody was able to rescue him, Ringer said, and he plans on treating the dog to a big steak.


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