Location:Glasgow, United Kingdom

Dad Builds Dog A Private Room Under The Stairs So She Doesn’t Feel Left Out When Mom Gives Birth

Feb 1, 2018

It’s common for couples without children of their own to treat their dogs like real babies. That was the case for Molly, a West Highland terrier, and her owners — that is, until Michael McGowan and his wife began expecting their first human baby in 2017.

But Michael, who lives in Glasgow, decided to make something special for his pup. In his words, he wanted to build Molly “a room of her own under the stairs before the baby arrived.”

He isn’t the first person to utilize the space under the stairs, but Molly’s room is certainly one of a kind.

Michael enlisted some help for the project. The incredible result earned him and tradesman Paul McArdle a Project of the Year award from MyBuilder.com.

“I had a small idea, and wasn’t even sure if it would be possible to achieve,” Michael said of the room. The final product speaks for itself.


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