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Man Receives Letter From The State Granting His Dog $360 Per Week In Unemployment Benefits

Feb 10, 2018

Attorney Michael Haddock was surprised when he received a letter that appeared to be addressed to his German shepherd, Ryder.

The letter to “Michael Ryder” was from the state of Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency, and it approved the dog for $360 per week in unemployment benefits, according to WWJ. The paperwork listed Ryder as having been previously employed by Kruse and Muer, an upscale Michigan seafood chain restaurant.

Michael posted a photo of the letter on Facebook at the end of January 2018. “Not sure what he is going to do with the money but should be interesting. I knew he was clever, but he surprised me on this one,” he joked, according to WZZM.

The attorney contacted the unemployment agency about the letter and was told that their computer system had accidentally sent it out, but that the unemployment claim had been deemed “suspicious” and was denied. No money was ever paid out to Ryder.

Michael considered the possibility that one of his friends had done it as a practical joke but doesn’t think that’s the case. “I have plenty of friends that maybe would do something [like this], but they would genuinely fess up to it by now. So, yeah, I’m not sure,” he said.

Chris De Witt, a spokesman from the unemployment agency, told WWJ that they’re looking into the claim and suggested it may have been a case of identity theft and fraud. According to People, the agency said on January 30, 2018, that it’s going to form an investigative unit to catch the person who stole Ryder’s identity (and any other identity thieves) before they do steal any money.


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