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Derma Roller is a microneedling treatment that induces the natural collagen production of our skin. It is used to get rid of skin scars, stretch marks, deep acne and wrinkles.

It’s an affordable and effective alternative vs clinical procedures and treatments.

Our Derma Roller costs P799 only and comes with free shipping. We also have a Retail Store in MC's Collections, 510 B-M Earnshaw St. Sampaloc, Manila.

Product Specifications:
•	Needle size: 0.50 MM
•	Needle Material: Fine Titanium
•	Certification: CE, ISO13485, ROHS
•	Packaging: High Sealing Sterilization Packaging
•	Good and safe for treating acne scars, pores, & stretchmarks. Can be used as anti-hair removal too.
•	How to Use? Directly roll in the desired treatment area for 4-5x. Use 1x a week.

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