Job Training for the Disabled in SF Bay Area - I

Goal: $ 11000

No of Donation: 6



Goal: $ 11000
Amount Raised: $ 550
Remaining : $ 10450
No of Donation : 6
Category : Education
Url :
Contact Number : 650 325 4663
Address : 178 South Boulevard
State : San Mateo
City : CA
Country : US
Zipcode : 94301


People with Disabilities represent the largest US minority; only 1/3 of those 18-64 are employed, though 2/3 of these would prefer to work. Salesforce knowledge highly sought in the SF Bay area, gives trainees vital work skills as they contribute to peacemaking by supporting speaking tours, community awareness campaigns and donor relationship management, for which we will provide a stipend. Community benefits economically by moving trainees into the workforce & socially by the outreach programs.


Rebuilding Alliance is dedicated to rebuilding war-torn communities and making them safe. Our vision is a just and enduring peace in Israel and Palestine with equal value, opportunity, and security for all.
Each quarter 4-5 People with Disabilities will learn the use of customer relationship management software & develop communication skills on the job, while supporting rebuilding homes in war zones.

Long-Term Impact

Since Salesforce is a web-based tool, we want to extend this pilot program for People with Disabilities in conflict zones to enable them to apply for web-based jobs & in the process help build our peacemaking capacity.

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