English Language Education in Papua New Guinea

Goal: $ 45000

No of Donation: 1



Goal: $ 45000
Amount Raised: $ 10
Remaining : $ 44990
No of Donation : 1
Category : Education
Url : http://www.panango.org
Contact Number : 847-467-4393
Address : 210 Panama Street Cordura Hall
State : Stanford
City : CA
Country : US
Zipcode : 94305


Papua New Guinea is at a pivotal juncture in its history. As a developing country, change is constant and rapid. We believe, as the children and schools in Papua New Guinea believe, that the most important element of being able to keep up with change is education. As one high school girl said to us, “we value our education. Because most people never have the chance to learn, we feel blessed, and work very hard to continue.” To support motivated students like her, volunteers will work as teachers


PANANGO seeks to empower citizens of rural Papua New Guinea with the English skills necessary to find employment, continue education, and act as community leaders while simultaneously inspiring program volunteers to become agents of positive change.
Fifteen Stanford undergraduates will teach English in village schools on Karkar Island, Papua New Guinea during the summer of 2008 while living with local families.

Long-Term Impact

The project will educate rural Papua New Guineans, allowing them to access higher education, find employment, and act as community leaders.

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