Accessible Books for Students with Disabilities

Goal: $ 5060

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Goal: $ 5060
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No of Donation : 1
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Fewer than 5% of books are produced in formats that are accessible to people who have visual or learning disabilities. To read other books, more than three million US residents, including one million students, are forced to laboriously scan them into computers. In particular, K-12 students need accessible textbooks and outside reading material. Schools are legally required to offer textbooks in these formats, but access is often inadequate and little supplemental reading is made available.


Benetech is a Silicon Valley nonprofit that develops technology projects addressing major social problems in areas such as disability, human rights, literacy and education. Our predecessor nonprofit, Arkenstone, was founded in 1989 to provide reading tools for people with disabilities. It helped 35,000 visually impaired people in 60 countries to live and work independently before the sale of its business operations to a for-profit company in 2000, which led to the launch of Benetech.
Adding more accessible textbooks and supplemental reading material for K-12 students with visual and learning disabilities to the online collection.

Long-Term Impact

This project will help to develop a core collection of K-12 books to serve students with disabilities.

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