Help America's Forsaken Foster Care Children!

Goal: $ 99000

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Goal: $ 99000
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No of Donation : 298
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Today, more than half a million children in the United States are in foster care. Recent studies have shown an increase in drug abuse, child abuse, and/or neglect due to our nation's current economic crisis. Our most precious resources- our children are in desperate need of your help. America's current statistics on foster care is appalling; 90% of foster children before their 21st Birthday will be incarcerated, homeless or dead. "Please, Help Save America's Infants And Children!"


AIW is dedicated to recruiting qualified nurses to provide loving homes, nursing care, and other needed services for medically fragile foster care infants and children. We help facilitate the child's move from hospitals, group homes and institutions into private residences under the care of Registered and Licensed Vocational Nurses as their foster parents. We provide two essential ingredients for these children to heal - loving home environments and individualized nursing care.
Many states across America pay less to care for a foster child than a kennel charges to board and feed a dog! Please help save a childhood ~ Support America's Forgotten Foster Care Children.

Long-Term Impact

Governmental statistics is estimating America will have close to one million children in foster care. There are growing numbers of medically fragile infants and children entering the foster care system. Some of these cases are attributed to epidemic drug use by pregnant women which have resulted in premature births, and children with medical and developmental complications. AIW's Nurse-Foster Provider program is addressing this issue in California, and Nationwide. Saving Countless Childhoods!

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