Provide theater to 2,500 in-need New York children

Goal: $ 7500

No of Donation: 102



Goal: $ 7500
Amount Raised: $ 7710
Remaining : $
No of Donation : 102
Category : Children
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Contact Number : 212.591.6108
Address : 116 West 23rd Street
State : NY
City : NY
Country : US
Zipcode : 10003


Arts for All serves in-need children who have little means or opportunity to explore the arts due to economic disadvantages, physical and mental disabilities, hospitalization, socialization issues, emotional trauma, or any other life challenge. This project will provide children with the opportunity to have a professional live show come directly to their school or youth organization. If enough funds are raised, we will also send children free drama workshops prior to the performance.


Arts For All offers accessible artistic opportunities to children in the New York City area who face socio-economic, physical, or emotional barriers to exploring the arts. Through Arts For All, professional artists work with youth organizations to build self-confidence, self-expression, teamwork, resilience, and creativity in children.
As part of our "Audience Project," Arts for All will tour a professional live children's show,"The Tall Tales of Enoch," FREE OF CHARGE to 2,500 in-need children grades K-5 in the New York area.

Long-Term Impact

This show has valuable themes that will stay with children, such as being honest, sharing with others, and being proud of who you are. By exposing youth to the theater, we are creating better listeners and future theater audiences.

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